Documents and Materials from the Annual Meetings of the NDSG

The following documents and materials were part of handouts or presentations given at the Annual Meeting of the North Dakota Study Group. If you have a handout or materials to post here, please contact the webmaster.

  • Nebraska STARS Assessment Program, by Chris Gallagher PDF)
    Presented at the February 2008 meeting.

  • Madison, Wisconsin Civil Action Fact Sheet 2011
    Authored by NDSG Subcommitee
    In the spirit of inquiry and an educated democratic citizenry, members of the North Dakota Study Group have created this fact sheet in order to assist in understanding what was happening in Madison, Wisconsin leading up to NDSG 2011.

  • Reading: The Struggle Against Mayoral Control in Milwaukee
    by Bob Peterson, Trinational Coalition for the Defense of Public EducationL
    From the reading..."Probably the last place people would look for a story of hope is in Milwaukee, WI, a city, 100 kilometers north of Chicago with a school system of 85,000 mostly black and Latino students. In Milwaukee, school politics have been dominated by privatizing forces for two decades. And yet, since last August, a rather remarkable struggle unfolded in which grassroots organizing stopped powerful forces to have a mayoral takeover of the public schools..."

  • An Open Letter to Teacher Educators
    By NDSG Subcommitee