Monographs by the NDSG

The North Dakota Study Group (NDSG) on Evaluation's purpose is to share ideas for useful, fair, and democratic ways to document and assess children's learning and offer a criticism of educational reform and practice in the light of an enduring concern with democracy and the estate of childhood. In the words of Dr. Vito Perrone, former Convening Host of the North Dakota Study Group, Dean of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Dakota, and Director of Teacher Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education:

"In November 1972, educators from several parts of the United States met at the University of North Dakota to discuss some common concerns about the narrow accountability ethos that had begun to dominate schools and to share what many believed to be more sensible means of both documenting and assessing children's learning. Subsequent meetings, much sharing of evaluation information, and financial and moral support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund have all contributed to keeping together what is now called the North Dakota Study Group on Evaluation. A major goal of the Study Group, beyond support for individual participants and programs, is to provide materials for teachers, parents, school administrators and governmental decision-makers (within State Education Agencies and the U.S. Office of Education) that might encourage re-examination of a range of evaluation issues and perspectives about schools and schooling....Towards this end, the Study Group has initiated a continuing series of monographs...including material on, among other things, children's thinking, children's language, teacher support systems, inservice training, the school's relationship to the larger community. The intent is that these papers be taken not as final statements -- a new ideology, but as working papers, written by people who are acting on, not just thinking about, these problems, whose implications need an active and considered response."

Monograph Titles

This is a complete listing of all 42 monographs published by the North Dakota Study Group, through the University of North Dakota Press, from 1975 to 1996. All titles are available here as a PDF download with permission from the authors. Some titles are also available through library loan from the University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library, Grand Forks, ND. Some titles and abstracts are also available through ERIC.

Reading Tests: Do They Help or Hurt Your Child (PDF Download)
by Ann Cook & Deborah Meier (no date)

Reading Tests: What Does That Score Mean (PDF Download)
by Ann Cook & Deborah Meier (no date)

Observation and Description: An Alternative Methodology for the Investigation of Human Phenomenon (PDF Download)
by Patricia F. Carini (1975)

A Handbook on Documentation (PDF Download)
by Brenda S. Engel (1975)

Teacher Curriculum Work Center: A Descriptive Study (PDF Download)
by Sharon Feiman (1975)

An Open Education Perspective on Evaluation (PDF Download)
by George E. Hein (1975)

Alternative Evaluation Research Paradigm (PDF Download)
by Michael Quinn Patton (1975)

A Report to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (PDF Download)
by Vito Perrone (1975)

The Word and the Thing: Ways of Seeing the Teacher (PDF Download)
by Ann Cook and Herb Mack (1975)

Special Education: The Meeting of Differences (PDF Download)
by Steven D. Harlow (1975)

Testing and the Testing Industry: A Third View (PDF Download)
by John D. Williams (1975)

Psychological Effects of Open Classroom Teaching on Primary School Children: A Review of the Research (PDF Download)
by Robert A. Horwitz (1976)

Developing Hypotheses About Classrooms from Teachers’ Practical Constructs (PDF Download)
by John Elliot (1976)

A View of Power: Four Essays on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (PDF Download)
by Paul Olson (1976)

Children’s Interactions in Traditional and Nontraditional Classrooms (PDF Download)
by Sylvia Ross, Herbert Zimiles, and David Gerstein (1976)

First California Conference on Educational Evaluation and Public Policy, 1976 (PDF Download)
Edited by Nick Rayder (1977)

Children's Language and Thinking: A Report of Work-In-Progress (PDF Download)
by Edith Churchill and Joseph Petner, Jr. (1977)

Informal Evaluation (PDF Download)
by Brenda S. Engel (1977)

The African Primary Science Program: An Evaluation and Extended Thoughts (PDF Download)
by Eleanor Duckworth (1978)

Teachers’ Seminars on Children’s Thinking: A Progress Report (PDF Download)
by Bill Hull (1978)

Children’s Thinking in the Classroom (PDF Download)
by Kathe Jervis (1978)

The Art of Seeing and the Visibility of the Person (PDF Download)
by Patricia F. Carini (1979)

Evaluation as Interaction in Support of Change (PDF Download)
by Ruth Anne Olson (1980)

A Syntactic Approach to College Writing (PDF Download)
by Norton D. Kinghorn, Lester Faigley, and Thomas Clemens (1981)

Use and Setting: Development in a Teachers’ Center (PDF Download)
by Beth Alberty, James Neujahr, and Lillian Weber (1981)

The Words in My Pencil: Considering Children’s Writing (PDF Download)
by Anne Martin (1981)

The School Lives of Seven Children: A Five Year Study (PDF Download)
by Patricia F. Carini (1982)

Children’s Journals: Further Dimensions of Assessing Language Development (PDF Download)
by Amity Buxton (1982)

What About Children Who Can’t: On Writing (PDF Download)
by Connie Rosen (1983)

Critical Barriers Phenomenon in Elementary Science (PDF Download)
by Maja Apelman, David Hawkins, and Phillip Morrison (1985)

Researching Educational Practice (PDF Download)
by Loren Barritt, Ton Beekman, Hans Bleeker, and Karel Mulderij (1985)

A (Philadelphia) Teacher’s Journal (PDF Download)
by Lynne Strieb (1985)

The Effect of Teaching on Teachers (PDF Download)
by Boston Women’s Teachers’ Group: Sara Freedman, Jane Jackson, Katherine Boles (1986)

When the Voice of the Teacher is Heard in the Land (PDF Download)
by Edward Yeomans (1986)

Speaking Out: Teachers on Teaching (PDF Download)
by Cecelia Traugh, Rhoda Kanevsky, Anne Martin, Alice Seletsky, Karen Woolf, and Lynne Strieb (1986)

Inventing Density (PDF Download)
by Eleanor Duckworth (1986)

Between Feeling and Fact (PDF Download)
by Brenda Engel (1987)

Changing Schools Into Communities for Thinking (PDF Download)
by Bena Kallick (1989)

The Assessment of Hands-On Elementary Science Programs (PDF Download)
by George Hein (Editor, 1990)

The Cambridge Handbook of Documentation and Assessment: Child Portfolios and Teacher Records in the Primary Grades (PDF Download)
Edited by Lynne Hall, Lynn Stuart, and Brenda Engel, Revised by Brenda Engel (1995)

Few Adults Crawl: Thoughts on Young Children Learning (PDF Download)
by Tony Kallet (Selected, Edited and Introduced by Bill Browse and Mary Brown) (1995)

Valuing Each Other: Perspectives on Culturally Responsive Teaching (PDF Download)
by Hubert Dyasi, Lillian Weber, Olga Winbush, Joseph Suina, Ruth Anne Olson, and Arthur Tobier, Edited by Monroe D. Cohen (1996)